Free Assessment

Grow-Minds is one of the leading psychology counseling centers in Bangalore. We offer free assessment form which is a tool to understand an individual’s personality and capabilities from the psychology point of view. This will help the counselor to better understand in supporting any endeavours or provide therapy to the counselee. Having said that this can be taken up anybody who is inquisitive and interested in knowing self too.

About Form

The assessment form that we have provided below is a set of 42 simple questions. There is no right or wrong answers. It’s about you, your choice, your decision and your probable action. 


Let’s say, sooner or later you will realize if only I knew I had that aptitude, skills, etc. So go ahead and enjoy the assessment. Do not worry, we observe utmost confidentiality.


You may be wondering is it really necessary to take an assessment?

Often times, we are always asked to focus more on the weakness while keeping up the strengths intact.


This would be your personal SWOT analysis to make an important decision of where to focus, what to drop and how to promote, etc.