About Us

GrowMinds Family and Career Counseling Center (aka GrowMinds) is an inclusive mental health and career guidance clinic, providing counseling and treatment for mental health issues. We offer therapies and counseling for all mental health and career concerns. We believe in understanding and analyzing thoughts, emotions, feelings and behavior through an interactive process characterized by a unique relationship between the counselor (psychologist) and the counselee (client). This leads to change in the counselee in one or more areas. We deal with various form of fears, phobias and stimulate holistic development.

About GrowMinds

We are Experts in the area of Psychology Counseling in Bangalore, Psychologists In Bangalore, Career counseling in Bangalore & Abroad Education Consultant in Bangalore, Foreign Studies in Europe.


Elevate our lives to higher level of excellence, thus empowering us to enhance the behavior of all the life we touch, to have a sense of responsibility towards civilization.


GrowMinds solemnly innovates the educational and career processes to provide the best ways to become self-motivated leaders in the challenging world.

About The Founder

Mr. Saji Mathews is a Counseling Psychologist, Family Counselor & Therapist, Career Guide & Coach founded GrowMinds Family Counselling and Career Guidance Center. Proven skills, fruitful partnerships with lots of clients for delivering growth. Highly qualified with 30 years of track record of heading high-end projects and established challenging partnership with dynamic organizations, to contribute accrued expertise in formulating organizational profit objectives, innovation and provides opportunities to explore mutual growth. Developed a career in Executive Managerial Skills for last 25 years that is highly effective at incorporating creative leadership skills to achieve business objectives. Worked as Director and Managing Director with outstanding financial & operation teams, with specialty in both start-up and scaled growth stages with an exemplary track record in counseling psychology, facility management, media production (documentary & advertisement), lecturer psychology, motivational speaker, student counselor and director admission. GrowMinds Develop & implement policies & procedures, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity and develop soft skills. Spearheaded & successfully implemented ongoing recruitment program to hire & effectively train all personnel. Use clear, concise communication skills in conjunction with Organizational skills to Success in life and perform daily duties. Demonstrated ability to meet the needs of patrons, such as marketing in India and the Middle East, motivational classes to students, teachers, professionals and counsel any one in need of psychological advice. He recently served as the Director for admissions and visited the Middle East for promotion.

Current Scenario

Although face to face counseling is most recognized and encourage form, currently the circumstances present an unavailable challenge to reach to a counsellor in times of need. Hence, we adopt online counselling and therapy on the specialization areas depicted beside.

Types Of Counseling

1. Developmental Counseling – Solutions for problems during infancy, childhood and adolescents


2. Teenage Counseling – Best solutions for child and teenager issues, child development, special child care, parenting


3. Individual Counseling – Help available for depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, career assessment and counseling


4. Couple Counseling – Marriage counseling, relationship advice, online couple counseling, sex issues, family therapy and more


5. Geriatric counseling – Specialized in the mental and physical health of individuals in the later stages of life.